Update: The Dalles Pavement Preservation Projects, June 16, 17 & 18, 2020

Due to rain, the pavement preservation projects have been rescheduled to begin on Tuesday June 16, 2020 and continue through Thursday June 18, 2020.

These chip seal projects will require short duration road closures between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at each location on the date the work is scheduled to take place. Detours will be in place during work hours.

Work scheduled for Tuesday June 16, 2020:

Hostetler St.W 8th St.W 10th St.
Pomona St.W 6th St.W 7th St.
Snipes St.W 6th St.W 9th St.
W 8th St.Myrtle St.Walnut St.
Kingsley Ave.W 9th St.W 10th St.
Sandy St.W 10th St.Walnut St.
Walnut St.W 6th St.W 10th St.
Cherry Heights Rd.W 2nd St.W 6th St.

Work scheduled for Wednesday June 16, 2020:

Cherry Heights Rd.W 6th St.W 13th St.
Mt. Hood St.W 19th St.Denton St.
W 11th St.Mt. Hood St.Jordan St.
W 5th Pl.Lincoln St.Liberty St.
Short St.E 13th St.E 14th St.
Union St.RR tracksW 2nd St.
Washington St.E 3rd St.E 16th Pl.
E 7th St.Washington St.Kelly Ave.
Kelly Ave.E 10th St.E 16th St.

Work Scheduled Thursday June 17, 2020:

E 16th St.Kelly Ave.Dry Hollow Rd.
E 9th St.F St.H St.
H St.E 8th St.E 9th St.
Brewery GradeRound AboutE 9th St.
View Ct.E 12th St.E 14th St.
E 2nd St.Hwy 30View Point

This road work is expected to extend the service life of the pavement structure.

CHIP SEAL – Is the application of a special protective wearing surface to an existing pavement. A thin layer of liquid asphalt is sprayed down in front of the chip spreader by a distributor. A dump truck full of chips (crushed rock) locks onto a chip spreader which is pulled backwards. The chips spread over the liquid asphalt are then compacted by rollers.

Chip seal projects may require a total lane closure for a day or part of the day. Equipment is slow moving and must cover the same area multiple times. Once the crew has left the work area, the rock is left on the road surface for seven to ten days so that vehicle traffic can continue to lock the rock into the liquid asphalt. Excess chips are then removed by sweepers to be reused on the next chip seal project.

Please proceed with caution in these areas during construction times and observe all temporary traffic control devices. Thank you for your assistance during this work.

To view a map and learn more about the 2020 The Dalles Pavement Preservation Program go to thedalles.org/transportation. If you have questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (541) 296-5401.