Trump fumes as protesters stake out festive zone in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — Following days of violent confrontations with protesters, police in Seattle have largely withdrawn from a neighborhood where protesters have created a festival-like scene that has President Donald Trump fuming. Trump tweeted that anarchists had taken over the city and told Gov. Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durkan, “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will.” Inslee tweeted Thursday that the military is meant to protect Americans, “not the fragility of an insecure president.” Over the weekend, police were sharply criticized by City Council members and other elected leaders. Since officers dialed back their tactics, the demonstrations have largely been peaceful.

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  1. This headline is a total lie. Everyone not invested in supporting this terrorist organization is telling the truth about how “festive” the atmosphere is. From top down, from the leader to the front line enforcers, everyone is openly armed and the threat of violence has been openly stated from people with guns. If my leader shows up with several firearms on his person, I do not see his intentions as “festive” but rather “violent” “aggressive” “hostile” and their current record of having beaten someone for graffiti cannot be characterized a “festive.” There are already sanitation, food, and space shortages, and there are strict rules about free speech, freedom of attire, and who can and cannot be inside the zone– meaning freedom is just as absent inside as outside. They are no more “festive” than any other part of the city. That is the truth being reported by folks who aren’t afraid of the mob or being fired for telling the truth.
    But when open carry is done by the right, it’s an act of overt aggression, but when open carry is done by an avowed homophobe it’s an act of liberty? That GNC ran this headline shows that now matter where you go, even the local system is every bit as corrupt as its mainstream counterparts, and suffers from the same terminal case of hypocrisy afflicting the rest of the world. Masks got you banned from a store but now not wearing one gets you banned. Mass gatherings were murder but now not gathering is murder. One minute “herd immunity” was the best call but now “total lockdown” is right. It keeps changing to suit your moods, which change by the hour. In 3 months we’ll be ordered to hug and kiss and those is masks will be demonized, those in isolation will be seen as losers and those waiting for a vaccine will be fools. Then, three months after that, invert the script again.
    It’s madness, and while you’re all losing your minds we’ll be here, waiting for your global tantrum to finally end so we can start cleaning up the mess you’ve made of our world.

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