Important Information for Oregon Ag Producers

The application process for Oregon’s $30 million Food Safety and Farm Security Project launches today. The program provides assistance to Oregon’s agricultural producers to help secure the state’s food chain and protect essential agricultural workers from COVID-19 exposure and illness. Funding is a response to Oregon OSHA’s temporary agricultural rule affecting housing, field sanitation and transportation.

It is IMPERATIVE that you apply for these funds if you need assistance. Your counties will NOT be able to assist you with housing and sanitation expenses as we previously intended. 
Each state-registered agricultural employer affected by OSHA’s temporary rule can apply for up to $20,000 in reimbursement for costs associated with housing and field sanitation, and $1,000 for transportation reimbursement. Costs incurred through the temporary rule’s expiration of Oct. 28, 2020 may be eligible for this reimbursement.

The program is designed to assist as many growers as possible and to ensure funds are available through the 2020 growing season. If any funds remain after OSHA’s temporary rule is lifted additional reimbursements may be available.