Investigation of Community Spread

Media Release

June 10, 2020, at 1:30 PM

Investigation of Community Spread

KLICKITAT COUNTY – The Emergency Operations Center in Unified Command with the Klickitat County Public Health Department (PHD) is investigating 2 new cases that have the potential for wider community spread in the Goldendale area. The PHD is working to gather as much information as quickly as possible in order to be able to identify close contacts of confirmed cases. Since entering phase 2 on June 1st we have increased by 19 cases bringing our total count to 44 cases. The breakdown of those 19 cases is as follows: White Salmon 1, Klickitat 1, Dallesport 1, Roosevelt 1, Bingen 3 and 12 positives for Goldendale.

We need everyone to follow all health precautions that have been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. If you are not following these precautions you may be contributing to the spread of this virus in our community. If you test positive for COVID-19 or if you are a close contact to someone who has tested positive it is important that you cooperate with the PHD and voluntarily quarantine and/or isolate yourself to protect your loved ones and the community members. We need community cooperation in order to be successful at managing COVID activity, keep all of our community members healthy and safe, and support our county moving through the “Safe Start” phases.

All community members need to:

  • Engage in physical distancing of at least six feet (non-household members)
  • Wear face coverings in public places
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Disinfect surfaces and objects regularly
  • Avoid crowded locations, be flexible, go back when the crowd disperses
  • Stay home if sick
  • Avoid others who are sick

For those of you that are taking these precautions, thank you! For information on CDC guidelines on how to prevent becoming sick, what to do if you are sick and strategies to prevent the spread please go to

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  1. Yet again more lies and bad info. There is NO risk of community spread. That has been firmly established by even the CDC and the WHO. For K-C to say “obey the CDC” is impossible. They’ve changed their position four times this year, but for their history up till now very specifically said not to wear masks. So, the entire history of the CDC and other similar agencies says don’t mask up, but today, with what they admit is “flimsy” evidence at best, they say to wear one. Just yet again for the record, masks are not effective and distancing doe not have an effect. There is no evidence that masks work, and only evidence they cause harm to the wearer. The fact that they’re screaming about the masks on almost a daily basis now should indicate that they are hysterical and cannot accept the fact that they’re parroting extremely bad advice from the CDC. Did you know if they go against the CDC and someone gets ill or hurt, that K-C is then legally liable? They are not ordering you to obey CDC because it saves your lives, they’re ordering this to save themselves from legal and financial consequences. This is not in the interest of public health at all. It’s primarily for your unelected community masters to keep their money and power and force us to be mindless cattle. Those ordering the lockdowns or distancing are beginning to find themselves badly on the wrong side of history and now are so desperate for the virus to be a major threat that they’re making it one against its own will. We know it’s not a threat, the virus knows it’s not a threat, but ask the media and the government, and they’ll scream like lunatics in the asylum over their imaginary virus boogeyman. Propaganda needs repeating daily, facts exist whether we acknowledge them daily or not. This and any other press release from KC or HR or Wasco C, are just propaganda that no rational person has any use for.

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