Klickitat County Sheriff’s respond to Water and Shooting Incidents

On June 6, 2020 at about 1:52 P.M. the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a raft that wrecked on the upper Klickitat River.  The reporting party reported that there was a 14 year old girl that had drowned in the incident.  

Upon arrival, it was found the raft had four people in it and it hit a log jam.  The victim was pulled under and into the log jam.  The victim was later pulled from the water by another raft that was also part of the same party.  The father was swept farther down stream.  Klickitat County Search and Rescue was called to assist.  Search and Rescue was assisted by Wet Planet.  Wet Planet was able to pick up the father and take him off the river.

On June 7, 2020 the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a shooting in Alderdale.  Upon arrival it was determined that there was a loaded 22 rifle in the back seat.  The rifle started to slide across the seat and when the back seat passenger grabbed the gun it went off.  The bullet traveled through the passenger front seat and hit the occupant in the lower back.  The passenger was transported to an outside area hospital.  The case is still under investigation.