Oregon Hospitals Urge Patients Not to Delay Care

Lake Oswego, Ore. — June 3, 2020 — Today, the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) launched its “Your Care Continues” campaign to encourage Oregonians to address health needs by accessing care at their local hospitals and clinics.

The effort will use the voices of Oregon’s clinicians and other health care professionals to reassure the public that hospitals and clinics have added additional safety precautions related to COVIC-19 for patients and staff, and that avoiding needed procedures and exams can bring serious consequences.

“There is no reason to put your health at risk in other ways in an attempt to avoid catching COVID,” said Heather Wall, Chief Nursing Officer at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart at Riverbend. Hospitals have put in place several extra safety measures including temperature checks at the entrance, masks, visitor restrictions and more.

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 48 percent of respondents said they’ve skipped or postponed medical care because of COVID-19.

“People are delaying checkups and vital care because they fear hospitals are either unsafe or overwhelmed. Neither of those things are true here in Oregon,” said Becky Hultberg, President and CEO. “We want Oregonians to continue to embrace a culture of wellness and prevention, and that means maintaining health through continued care. Small issues when ignored can become life-threatening. Oregon’s hospitals and clinics are safe, open, and ready to take care of you, with extra safety precautions.”

“Your Care Continues” messages will show the range of services Oregonians can safely access, including checkups, screenings, treatments, surgeries, specialty care, pharmacy services, telehealth options, and emergency services.

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  1. These people are deaf in so many ways.
    We aren’t stupid. We all know by now that the virus is nothing and that the numbers are a lie. There is almost zero risk of death and barely any risk if infection, according to the current CDC data.
    We aren’t coming in, for starters, because you are forcing us to wear your useless and harmful masks. We aren’t coming in because we don’t want our temperatures checked. We don’t want to be forced to stand or sit some arbitrary distance apart from another human. We don’t want to be tricked or forced into a virus test that is CDC-admitted to give false postives. We aren’t coming in because we don’t want to be contact traced like suspected felons or fugitives from justice in order to have a simple x-ray.
    And finally, we aren’t coming in because we can’t even get care as it is. You aren’t getting us in, it’s a backlog now going into 2021 and that’s just for basic dental, or MRI and PET, let alone actual surgical procedures. Many if not all of us simply will not last that long. We could not wait 90 days ago and now it’s too late.
    Folks are dead and dying and there is basically no way to get immediate care without testing positive for the virus. You’ve now incentivized being infected.
    It’s too little too late. You turned us away and it’s killing us faster than your hollow scripted PR apology press releases can ever stop. Words mean nothing. A 6-month backlog just to get a brain scan means death to a stroke or tumor victim.
    Cease and desist all your rules, masks, checks, tests, distancing, and let us just have normal healthcare in a normal fashion. Anything else is bad medicine.

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