The Dalles State of Emergency Extended

May 29, 2020


For Immediate Release

City Manager Julie Krueger announced today pursuant to the State of Emergency of the City of The Dalles, that was declared on March 17, 2020 and extended through May 29, 2020, the City Manager has extended the state of emergency for an additional two-week increment, in accordance with the COVID-19 threat to the health and safety of the City.  This declaration is in alignment with State of Oregon and Wasco County Emergency Orders.

This declaration is in effect until June 12, 2020 unless extended.

Citizens are urged to read and follow the State guidance for Phase 1 re-opening.  The guidance for all sectors can be found on the State of Oregon COVID website and the City of The Dalles’ website.  The general public is asked to continue to follow strict distancing, face covering, and hygiene guidance, as listed. 

Phase 1 re-opening guidance remains in effect until further notice.

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  1. Yay, more damage and destruction for the Gorge. Over what?

    Your odds of being executed legally as a legal punishment in the United States are about 1 in 111,439

    Your odds of dying from CV are about 1 in 85,000,000 (depending on how the census turns out)

    You’re more likely to be killed intentionally by the government than to die from CV. And since the lockdowns and emergency declarations have certainly cost lives, and were ordered by the government, then:

    The government is the primary cause of death for most Americans right now.

    I think we all know the solution.

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