Additional COVID-19 Cases Identified in Hood River & Wasco County Residents

Thursday, May 28, 2020

To: All Media

From: Patricia Elliott, RN, Director

After 18 days without a positive test result, today we have two additional cases. Two residents of Hood River County  have tested positive for COVID-19. In addition, three Wasco County residents, two testing positive and one that is a presumptive case have been identified. All five are employees, or household members of employees, of congregate work settings located in Hood River County. Due to a reclassification of two presumptive cases, Hood River County now has had a total of 14 cases identified. Hood River County Health Department and North Central Public Health District have investigators that are currently working with all the close contacts of these individuals in Hood River and  Wasco Counties.

With the growing season now in full swing Hood River County Health Department is working with our partners to provide information to local agricultural workers and their employers. Information about work safety, personal protective equipment, worker housing, and food resources can be found at webpage as well as the Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Resources page on the county website. As always, wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming them! Questions and consumer resources about safe handling of groceries can be found at this website:

It is important to remember that there is no group of people who are more or less likely to pass or be infected by coronavirus. Stigma and discrimination can occur when people associate a disease, such as COVID-19, with a population or nationality, even though not everyone in that population or from that region is specifically at risk for the disease. Stigma hurts everyone by creating fear or anger towards other people. Stigma affects the emotional or mental health of stigmatized groups and the communities they live in. Stopping stigma is important to making communities and community members resilient. Everyone can help stop stigma related to COVID-19 by knowing the facts and sharing them with others in your community. Don’t believe everything you see or read on social media!

Hood River County Health Department is very concerned for the vulnerable populations in our community, especially as local businesses begin to reopen, and increasing numbers of visitors are drawn to the area due to summer-like weather. It is very important that people continue to follow the governor’s guidance, and:

  • Stay home if they are sick;
  • Practice social distancing – Stay six feet away from people who are not household members;
  • Wash your hands and avoid touching your face;
  • At home and work practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • When you visit stores or other places where social distancing is difficult wear a cloth face-cover to help protect yourself and others.

We will continue to release information as appropriate. For the protection and privacy of the individuals and businesses associated with this cluster no further information will be released per ORS 433.008(2) and 433.138 at this time. As more and more cases are identified, we may not be able to release public statements every time there is a new case.

If you feel sick, stay home, call your doctor (and/or primary care provider) and your employer. Stay home until your symptoms have fully resolved, and you have been without a fever for 72 hours (3 days) without the use of medication.

If you have difficulty breathing, or any other serious medical emergency, call 911.


  1. The CDC admits the tests are average 50% accurate. How do you know those people have the virus? And why even bother with any of this, now that the CDC has quietly updated the death rate to 0.26 for all ages and anyone under 50 to 0.004. Basically it’s impossible to get it. And, no, it’s not taking years off your life. The average age of death in virus victims is higher than the average life expectancy. In Pennsylvania, having the virus means you die 0.5 years LATER than the average life expectancy. And, years of established science clearly says lung scarring is not permanent. I realize facts are unpopular today but when your trusted sources like the CDC are saying this, then are you going to say they’re lying merely because it would prove you’ve been wrong this whole time? Why not act like a responsible adult and admit you’ve been deadly wrong about how “terrible” the virus is? The former Israeli health minister called the virus “a bad cold” and even Fauci called it a “bad flu” in the New England Journal of Medicine.
    This is a big nothing virus and everyone who’s not invested somehow in keeping lockdowns in place are saying so and have since day one. We’ve never been wrong on this thing so we do not have the problem you have, of being fully committed to a provably false narrative. We’re here for you, on your side ultimately but you’ve simply got to grow up, admit you were wrong, and as forgiveness. We will forgive you of course, but we will not forget!

  2. I think that is the anti-body tests are 50%. The diagnostic tests are different. Shake the tinfoil hat. People that cherish their lives and the live of their loved ones are educated enough to know what you are saying is false and misleading. I used to worry about you people but no longer. There is room for you in the ICU now and they have a tent for you if the ICU fills up with an outbreaks like what potentially is happening in Hood River.

  3. They do not allow links here, so I cannot point you to the official government sources of all this info.
    Look up the Swiss Policy Research, “Studies on Covid-19 lethality” and you’ll see the median death age verified. Factually. By an approved government source.
    How about go to the CDC’s website, look up “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)” and see the death rates and ages verified. By THE approved government source.
    What part of those two sources requires any theory about a conspiracy? The facts of the matter are plain to see, at the government websites I point you to above. If the CDC says it, then isn’t it true? Or do you agree with Dr. Birx that “nothing” they say can be trusted? Then you agree with her estimate that we’ve overcounted deaths by 25%? What about Dr. Fauci? Did you read his piece in the New England Journal of Medicine wherein he described the CV as a “bad flu?”? Is the NEJM fake news or conspiracy-minded, and if so, why then did Dr. Fauci and his colleagues choose if to publish their piece? They are far from the only medical professionals calling this a “bad flu” and that our response has been a “gross overreaction”.
    And as far as masks, look up, on the CDC website, “Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures ” and you’ll see they specifically say that masks are pointless for prevention, and shouldn’t be worn by someone who isn’t already known to be sick.
    Is the CDC website fake news or up to spreading conspiracies? I avoid those weird Patriot Guns for Jesus or whatever, and instead go to official sources of information, such as the CDC website, or the official health agency/ministry website for other countries. I look at medical journals publishing peer-reviewed science.
    And finally, the fact you’ve expressed a positive view toward the idea of me or anyone else ending up in the ICU means you’re advocating injury by this virus, and that you’d be happy to hear if I got sick. That very attitude, my dear friend John, is why the country is falling down around us in flames.
    A human being

  4. Average CV death age for Pennsylvania is 79 according to official letter from the Commonwealth:

    Average life expectancy for Pennsylvania is 78.5:

    No conspiracy, these are the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s official numbers, and the life expectancy number of 78.5 is uniform across all other sites.

    So, the virus, at least in Pennsylvania, extends your life expectancy by a half a year, or 0.5 years.

    No conspiracy. Official sources, official numbers. You cannot deny these facts. And that they blow your narrative out of the water is why you’ll double down for the umpteeth time, saying the exact same thing over and over no matter how many people DON’T die from the virus.

    It’s over, lockdowners. Drop your masks, quit your fear/terror campaign and help us get about cleaning up your massive smoking mess.

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