Fourth child in Washington has coronavirus-related illness

PASCO, Wash. (AP) — A child in the Pasco, Washington, area has been diagnosed with a multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, an illness associated with COVID-19.  That’s according to the Benton Franklin Health District. It’s one of four cases of the syndrome identified in Washington state and the first in the Tri-Cities area. The child is under 10 and is hospitalized. Children diagnosed with the illness are healthy before developing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease.

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  1. This “new virus-related illness” is seen only in kids who’ve had their immune systems compromised. These kids test negative for the virus and yet still get this illness. Where else have we seen this illness? That’s right, in places where masks are pervasively worn. Like Kawasaki, and Wuhan, and now, here in the U.S. The masks are proven to be detrimental to one’s health when worn for more than a few minutes a day, and today, kids across the world, who are at 0.00% risk of dying from the virus and have barely any risk of even catching it, are incorrectly forced to wear masks all day, every day. The masks are hurting everyone who’s wearing them, and the media is refusing to report on it, because it will mean their fear propaganda pushing masks has been hurting children. They can’t admit fault, ever, no matter what, so cease looking to them, or their “sources” for any factual information. Even here at they openly lie on a daily basis. It’s only due to their collecting of IP addresses and email address of the commenters here that they’ve even allowed free speech again. For years comments have been closed. Now they are working with the government to “weed out” dissenters. How? Allow comments again and log everyone’s IP and email for future mass arrests. NO masks, they’re killing your kids, preventing herd immunity, and only promoting herd stupidity.

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