Judge won’t dismiss order tossing out virus restrictions

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A rural Oregon judge says he won’t dismiss his ruling which tossed out Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s stay-at-home orders to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that Baker County Circuit Judge Matthew B. Shirtcliff told the state Supreme Court Tuesday  he will not alter  the preliminary injunction that declared Brown’s directives “null and void.″ The Supreme Court last week stayed Shirtcliff’s original ruling. The state Supreme Court will now accept further legal briefing until June 2 before it decides whether it should uphold or dismiss Shirtcliff’s preliminary injunction. 

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  1. This makes perfect sense now that the CDC has updated the death rate to 0.26, which, as us “covidiots” have been saying all along, means yes, it’s just a bad flu. And since your Dr. Birx says we’re overcounting deaths by 25%, then we’re at 75K deaths. So yes, as we’ve been trying to tell you for months now, this virus is along the lines of a bad flu. The Federal Government is making the claims of these updated numbers, not me. I claimed them from the beginning!@ So, since it’s clearly not even a virus of any real concern, the lockdowns were completely unjustified. The sad part is that we’ve been saying for months and months that this is just another bad flu virus and to not overreact and you called us idiots. The info has been in your hands all along, you just refused to believe it for whatever reason.
    Believe it now? This whole thing was all for nothing, based on nothing, and has left us with nothing.
    Since you’ve now ruined the world for no reason, who is the idiot now???

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