Oregon unemployment claims spike again during virus crisis

The number of new jobless claims in Oregon climbed last week for the first time since March as more people filed for benefits during the coronavirus outbreak. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the state received nearly 16,000 new jobless claims. That brings the total number of benefits applications during the coronavirus outbreak to nearly 412,000 – more than 20% of Oregon workers. 

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  1. Remember, all you who support the lockdowns to “save just one life”: for every 1% increase in unemployment, there are an associated 40,000 deaths due to the social and economic impact. If you think ending the lockdowns is all about money, then also consider that billionaires have only gotten richer since the virus showed up– to the tune of $434 billion. Jeff Bezos of Amazon has gained $34 billion! For those thinking that those wanting the lockdown to end are rich elites worried about their portfolios, think again. The longer this goes on, the longer the rich can afford to vacuum up all the cheap stocks, now-worthless real estate, and your retirements. The wealthy NEED this to go on as long as possible, and so their need has trickled down to us, forcing our media and government to lie lie lie. Just like gorgenewscenter, who lies daily at the command of corporate masters. End any and all lockdowns, distancing, masks, and save humanity.

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