Marine Board Seeks Written Public Comment on Petitions Relating to Paddlers

The Oregon State Marine Board is soliciting written public comments on two citizen petitions received by the agency.

The first citizen petition was received on May 4, 2020, regarding paddlecraft and personal floatation device administrative rules.  The petitioner is asking the Marine Board to amend its current rules regarding personal floatation devices (PFDs) to require that all persons on paddlecraft wear PFDs during the periods before June 1 and after September 15. An electronic copy of the petition can be found here:

The second citizen petition was received on May 14, 2020, regarding administrative rules related to the Waterway Access Permit.  Petitioners are requesting that the Marine Board amend its current rules so that the Waterway Access Permit expires one year from the date of purchase (as opposed to the end of the calendar year) for annual permits, and two years from the date of purchase for two-year permits. An electronic copy of the petition can be found here:

Written comment will be accepted until June 28, 2020, by 11:59 pm. Comment can be submitted by email to, fax at (503) 378-4597 or by U.S. Mail to Jennifer Cooper, Administrative Rules Coordinator, Oregon State Marine Board, 435 Commercial Street NE, Salem, OR 97301. Testimony will not be accepted by telephone and comments must be received prior to the closure time/date to be considered.  

Rulemaking and Public Notices are available on the agency’s website at

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