Plane Crash on Columbia River

The Hood River County Sheriff’s Office received 911 calls at approximately 11:45 AM on Sunday, May 17th, 2020 of a single engine airplane that crashed into the Columbia River near the Port of Cascade Locks Marina. Callers also stated that the two occupants of the airplane had swam to shore. Witnesses reported seeing the airplane attempt to land at the Cascade Locks Airfield, but said it appeared as if the landing gear were not down. The plane then nosed over toward the river and skipped along the water before coming to rest and sinking within the Coast Guard waterway. There were only two occupants, a male and female from Bellevue, Washington. Both occupants were able to swim to shore and were later transported by medics to a Portland area hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The cause of the crash is as yet unknown and will be investigated by NTSB officials.

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  1. Either the Sheriff or Gorgenewscenter need to be recalled. It is a sign of dangerous ignorance and lack of basic education for either party to use the incorrect “had swam” rather than the correct “had swum” in reference to the survivors. When you can’t even get the basics of tense right, then what other basics have you got utterly wrong? What other facts have you gotten wrong? I suppose you say “bayg” instead of “bag” or “mell” instead of “mail” or “will” instead of “wheel.” Go back to school, let the adults handle the basics of talking, since you clearly can’t. Oh, and the Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci said to NOT wear masks unless you have tested positive and must break quarantine. STOP TELLING US TO WEAR MASKS AND STOP SUPPORTING ANYONE WHO DOES.

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