Klickitat County Sheriff Songer draws New Yorker attention

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer, left, and Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill at Gorge Country Media studios. Rodger Nichols photo

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer is drawing national attention again, following his recent announcement that he plans not to enforce some of Governor Inslee’s Stay Safe program requirements. ┬áThe New Yorker magazine ┬áhas picked this up in a big way, actually sending writer Charles Bethea and a video crew to Klickitat County. That resulted in a 6,000-word article in the magazine and online. The online version includes an 8-minute video interviewing Songer and other citizens and officials in Klickitat County.

Click HERE to link to the New Yorker article and video.

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  1. Actually, the New Yorker did not send Charles specifically here. In my conversations with him, he said he was in Hood River when the pandemic hit, so he stayed where he was. Then he decided to see what stories might be interesting in the area, and that’s how he came to do the Klickitat County story.

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