Pacific City motels sue county over coronavirus shutdowns

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Two motel owners in Pacific City are suing Tillamook County, arguing that COVID-19 restrictions stopping their businesses from fully operating over the last two months violate their constitutional rights. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the motels contend the county’s March 22 resolution halting most overnight lodging violates Fifth Amendment protections against the “taking of property without just compensation,’’ as well as their due process rights. The plaintiffs, owners of the Anchorage Motel and The Pacific City Inn, say they’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars as a result of the county order. Tillamook County counsel William K. Sargent didn’t respond immediately to a message seeking comment.

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  1. Supreme Court ruling last week means that every last lockdown order from every governor was illegal. Therefore we all can now both ignore the lockdowns and sue the governments that implemented them. This motel owner lawsuit will certainly win, as will all other lawsuits regarding the lockdown. All of our country’s history of action regarding virus outbreaks shows a severe aversion to what we’ve done in 2020 and even 15 years ago during Bush the vast majority of experts were told lockdowns and distancing were the new plan and they sounded alarms against it. Bush ignored them, as did Obama and so here we are now, where basically the entire governmental structure of America has, in the view of the Supreme Court, violated the law and incurred damages for which we are legally allowed to sue. This will basically shutdown and recall all elected officials and force us to re-elect and re-hire new leaders and officials. This goes down to the smallest county or city, even ones as small as Dufur, Moro, Wasco, Klickitat. Every elected official who imposed and supported the lockdown has officially been ruled criminal. If Sheriff Songer, for example, is in light of this ruling not willing to now uphold his oath and arrest every elected official in his county, then we must arrest him.

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