Small fire in a commercial building extinguished by sprinkler system

A small fire that occurred in a 3-story commercial building near downtown Hood River was extinguished by a sprinkler system that prevented any further fire damage. 

At 2:15 am, Hood River Fire & EMS crews responded to a water flow alarm at 30 block of Nichols Parkway in Hood River.  “We were dispatched to a water flow alarm, a fire alarm that tells us possibly that a sprinkler system may be activated,” said Lt. Tony DePinto, who was first on the scene.  The building tenants include Mid-Columbia Medical Center, Overwatch Imaging, and Kobe Sushi + Bar.

Lt. DePinto said that when HRFD firefighters arrived, they found the fire alarm system had activated along with smoke and a small fire on the 3rd floor inside the building.  Fortunately, two sprinkler heads had extinguished the fire before it had extended any further.  Firefighters shut off the water flow, searched the building, determined the extent of damage, and ventilated the building to clear the smoke.  Fire crews were able to remove smoke from the building and covered computers on the first and second floors to prevent any further damage from the water.

Hood River Fire & EMS was assisted by units from West Side Fire District, Wy’East Fire District, and Cascade Locks Fire Department. 

The cause of the fire is presently under investigation.

“The fire sprinkler system activation prevented the building and its contents from significant damage and contained the fire as designed.  Because of the small size of the fire, crews were able to concentrate on removing smoke and water from the building and protecting sensitive equipment from water damage, further reducing the damage from this fire.  Had the building not been equipped with fire sprinklers, the fire would’ve easily grown in size, causing major damage to the building and its contents.” Fire Chief Leonard Damian stated.