Walden Calls on the Governor to Help Local Governments with COVID-related Expenses

This week, Congressman Greg Walden called on Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Legislative Leaders to share a portion of the funds Congress sent to states with local governments to help them deal with unexpected COVID-19-related costs. 

In a letter to the Governor, Walden made it clear that Congress fully intended for a portion of the $1.6 billion sent to the state of Oregon be shared with local governments to help them cope with unexpected costs related to the coronavirus.  

Walden has worked with the U.S. Department of Treasury to help get answers to questions and guidance for those seeking appropriate relief. In the letter, Walden noted that the further guidance the Department of Treasury issued last night makes it clear that COVID-related costs borne by local government are eligible for assistance from the state. You can find that guidance here. 

Read Walden’s letter here.