Sheriff Songer on Public Gatherings & Business Operations

Governor Inslee’s orders pertaining to public gatherings or businesses operating in violation of his orders in my opinion is a violation of our citizens Constitutional Rights under the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and other Amendments of the US Constitution and Washington State Constitution.

Not allowing citizens to attend church or firearm dealers to conduct business is a violation of the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment but the Governor has no problem allowing Marijuana shops to stay open for business. 

Bob Songer
Klickitat County, Washington

As Sheriff I will uphold our citizens Constitutional Rights and Liberties and will NOT ENFORCE Governor Inslee’s COVID-19 Proclamation Orders on public gatherings and non-essential businesses. 

No crisis should ever violate a citizen’s liberty or God Given Rights under our US Constitution or Washington State Constitution.


  1. Thank Sheriff Songer for standing up for the Constitution, the law abiding citizens, and those working to keep the stability of our society and the function of our economy. So much false information driving the deliberate destruction of our country.

    You have been brave and honorable in your policy. Stand fast sir.

  2. Citing the Constitution is rather ironic considering that it lays out the three branches of government and separation of powers.

    The job of the executive branch – under which the SO falls – is to execute the law – not to interpret it.

    Anyone given a speeding ticket can attest to this fact as the standard reply when trying to explain the circumstances is always “tell it to the judge” – which is short for “it’s up to the courts to decide what is lawful and what is not”

  3. Thank you, Sheriff Songer for standing up for our right to spread Corona Virus as far and wide as possible. You forgot to suggest that we leave our masks at home.

  4. I want this man to visit all our healthcare services and businesses and legally oblige them to cease and desist reductions or cancellations of services. Rumors around the Gorge are that hundreds have died due to lacking basic medical care and being refused critical in-person services. If Songer wants to protect us, he needs to protect us in all areas of life, not just faith or business. There are schools that need to reopen immediately and many other businesses that are about to go bankrupt, especially since these illegal lockdown decrees have all been extended past Independence Day. When your Governor literally cancels the 4th of July, there is no greater sign that they are aiming to hurt us, not help us.

  5. Thank you Sheriff Songer for respecting and upholding the Constitution and protecting our rights. You sir, are a true patriot.

  6. What do you think the Sheriff is supposed to do when a governor orders him not to obey the 1st and 2nd Amendment?

  7. Bob songer i wish you would have run for governor you are the man washington needs

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