4-H Mask Making Class

A free mask making kit is provided to local youth who sign up for the online 4-H “Sewing Essentials” class starting April 29. Youth can learn the basics of sewing and create a personal protection mask for themselves or someone they care about.

The class runs Wednesday April 29th through May 7th and is delivered online. Youth wishing to sign up can go to the Wasco County 4-H Oregon Facebook page to register. For questions, find Wasco County 4-H on Facebook.

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  1. This is sick. These kids are being trained to live in fear. The White House and all other governments are saying there is no virus threat and that masks and quarantines hurt our immune systems and therefore should be avoided at all costs, and the health officials all are saying that masks are virus carriers and should not be worn by the general public. This is just more and more of your fear-based media spin, rather than the facts: there is minimal fatality, and almost no public health risk whatsoever. If it’s just so terrifying of a virus then why are all the governments of the world quietly opening up their countries and admitting they’ve badly overreacted to the media’s fear. Until you’re ready to only speak facts and not spread fear and opinions, you need to immediately cease and desist any and all newsgathering and reporting on the virus. You are part of the problem and have done nothing but hurt us.

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