Don Bonker: A Higher Calling

Carolyn and Don Bonker, and the book’s cover.

We recorded this on April 22, 2020. the 50th annivesary of Earth Day. Tha’s particularly appropriate, because this author has followed campground rules and left the planete better than he found it. Don Bonker is a man of two Washingtons – Washington the state and Washington, D.C.

Don Bonker- is also a man of character and integrity, which was somewhat easier to be in the 22 years he served in politic. Voters recognized that and sent him to Congress for seven straight elections, where he represented the Third Congressional District in the days when it ran vertically from Vancouver the Olympic Penninsula instead of horizontally from Vancouver to Goldendale.

Full disclosure:- Don and I served on the Columbia River Gorce Commission together for a number of years and I have the greatest respect for him. That respect deepened as I finished reading his new book, A Higher Calling: Fath & Politics in the Public Square. To hear our interview, click on the grey podcast bar below

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