Honoring Child Abuse Prevention Month With a Celebration of Partnerships

(Salem, Ore.) –Each April, the Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare program honors the important work being done across the state to prevent child abuse. While public coordination for events is not happening in the same way this year, we continue to collaborate with partners for child safety.

Organizations such as Oregon CASA Network, Oregon Child Abuse Solutions, the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries, and Prevent Child Abuse Oregon are just a handful of our important partners. These organizations create educational opportunities on preventing abuse, provide tangible support for families in need, are child-focused collaborative spaces for children who have experienced abuse, and offer advocacy for children who have entered care. They, and many other partners, such as teachers, healthcare professionals, and all community members play an enormous part in child safety.

“Everyone can play a part in strengthening families,” said Rebecca Jones Gaston, DHS Child Welfare Director. “While the Child Welfare agency plays a specific role, I want to honor the work that is being done in the larger system of child safety and encourage all Oregonians to be active in preventing child abuse.”

We are a stronger child welfare system because of our partnerships. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the DHS Child Welfare Program continues to operate the 24/7 statewide Child Abuse hotline and respond to reports of abuse and neglect while working with community partners to maintain support to families. Child Welfare has also launched a COVID-19 resources website to help connect resources and communicate practice changes with partners across the state.

DHS encourages community members to check in with families, when able to do so safely, through phone, email, or by safe distance.

If you suspect a child is being abused, please contact the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-855-503-(SAFE)7233.

Resource Links:

Oregon CASA Network: https://oregoncasanetwork.org/

Oregon Child Abuse Solutions (formerly Oregon Network of Child Abuse Intervention Centers): https://oregoncas.org/

Prevent Child Abuse Oregon: https://preventchildabuseoregon.org/

Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries: https://www.oregonreliefnurseries.org/