NWCPUD message to our community

Dear Community.

We want to reassure you that we will keep the lights on while we all work to take care of each other during this difficult time.  We have suspended disconnects and late fees and will work with customers when we come out of this unprecedented situation. 

At the same time, we are asking for your help.  We have limited staff, and less efficient processes when teleworking.

  • We cannot call customers to let them know that we received their payment through the drop box.
  • We cannot personally take payments over the phone.  Phone payments must go through the automated phone payment system. You can also download our smart phone app or use the online customer portal at www.nwascopud.org.
  • Leaving multiple messages through our call center does not make us respond quicker.  In fact, it slows things down as we clear out duplicate messages and search for the highest priority calls first.  Highest priority are calls for connecting service.

We understand the additional stress that people are facing.  We understand that when you can’t work due to a pandemic, you can’t pay the bills.  Let’s all help each other get through this.