Goldendale Most Wanted

Goldendale, Washington  March 2, 2020 – The Goldendale Police Department has ramped up efforts to put people with active arrest warrants behind bars. This is part of the police department’s proactive community policing plan.

The community policing plan includes citizens calling 911 when they recognize somebody with an arrest warrant. The Goldendale Police has been active in distributing “Goldendale Most Wanted” postings on their Facebook page. Chief Bartkowski said “this has increased citizen’s ability to help the police locate people who should be in jail”.

Since the police department started posting the “most wanted” information, calls have increased for warrant arrests. Crystal Miller, Alex Scherf, Tyson Smith, Adam Bronson, Christopher Wirshup, Jacob Miland and Ronnie Scherf have all been arrested by the Goldendale Police Department over the past several weeks on  arrest warrants. Many of the arrests have been from investigations by the police alongside phone calls from citizens. Bartkowski stated he is very thankful for all the community support as he mentioned to the Goldendale City Council.

Goldendale Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski

The police department plans to continue the most wanted program. The police want to remind all citizens to not approach somebody with an arrest warrant but to call 911 or 773-4545 when they see someone that has a warrant. Never try to grab or hold on to a person as all warrants have to be confirmed that they are still valid before a person can be placed under arrest. Police plan to update their Facebook page with the word “ARRESTED” when a person with a warrant has been located and taken into custody.