Wasco County Commissioners meet today 2/05

Wasco County Commissioners meet today at 9 am at the Wasco County Courthouse. Much of the meeting will be taken up with audit reports – for the county itself, and for the Library Service District and the 4-H and Extension Service District. Material in the board packets posted online indicate that the audits are clean with no problems. Commissioners will also approve the Economic Development Commission’s annual project priority list, which is topped by replacement of the Dog River pipeline that supplies the majority of the city’s water. The pipeline is more than a century old and made out of wood. It is subject to numerous leaks. Estimated replacement cost is $9 to $10 million. The city has $5 million in reserves to dedicate towards this project and plans to apply for $4 million in additional funding from Business Oregon. Commissioners will also hold a work session on a number of items including Building Codes fees, which are likely to increase 15% to cover actual costs..