Local Medal of Honor winners honored

In 2017, the Bend Heroes Foundation petitioned the Oregon legislators to name the 451 miles of Highway 20 in Oregon the Medal of Honor Highway. They also recognized 13 cities as Medal of Honor cities. One of those is the City of The Dalles, where we have two local people who received the nation’s highest military honor.

Recently, the Bend Heroes Foundation sent the city photos of the two winners, framed with a copy of their bravery citation. Harry Delmar Fadden was the first in 1903, diving into shark-infested waters to save a fellow Navy crew member who had fallen overboard unconscious. The second was in 1951 when Loren Kaufman charged an enemy stronghold, killing several and protecting his platoon. You can hear Councilor Runyon and Mayor Mays describe the citations

You can hear the mayor and Councilor Runyon read the bravery citations by clicking on the grey podcast bar below