Transients Arrested On Multiple Charges In Heppner

At 9:35 am Monday morning, the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a 911 call from a Heppner citizen, advising that someone just robbed the Cornerstone Gallery.

**The Cornerstone Gallery was NOT robbed** the robbery occurred in front of/near the Gallery by the subjects attempting to steal the vehicle by show of force***

Within three minutes, Deputy Dalton Garcia was on scene. Lt. Terry Harper located the suspects within nine minutes of the call coming into dispatch. He was soon joined by Sheriff Matlack and Undersheriff Bowles.  The suspects were then detained until Deputy Garcia could complete his investigation. 

The two suspects had attempted to steal a car, one was already in the driver’s seat, when two Heppner citizens confronted them.  The citizens did not recognize the two suspects as locals.  The suspects fled, with the two Good Samaritans giving chase for a bit.  A description of the suspects was given to dispatch and Lt. Harper was able to locate them quickly.  After an investigation, the two were arrested and lodged at the Umatilla County Jail on the following charges:

Zachary Richard James Holte, 29 years-old: Robbery II, Attempted Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle and Theft of Loss/Mislaid Items.  Total Bail $271,000.  This subject was also lodged on a Washington State Department of Corrections Nationwide Warrant, with NO BAIL for **Probation Violation**/Escape Community Custody.

Justice Cameron Christian Brown, 23 years-old:  Robbery II, Attempted Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle.  Total Bail $266,000.