The Dalles City Council Recap from 12/09

The Dalles City Council met last night. Among other things on the agenda, Mayor Rich Mays honored local residents who graduated from the Local Government Academy, noting that having people who had studied how local government operates made it easy to find qualified people to serve on city committees. You can see a photo and hear the mayor read the certificate given to the half-dozen graduates on our website, gorge news center dot com.

It will cost more for garbage service in The Dalles, starting in January, but not by much.  Councilors granted The Dalles Disposal a 2.15 percent rate increase. That was based on 85 percent of the Portland Consumer Price Index, which was 2.5 percent. What does that translate into out of pocket? Jim Winterbottom of The Dalles Disposal explains:

Jim Winterbottom, The Dalles Disposa

Again, that takes effect January 1.

And Councilor Rod Runyon alerted everyone of a contest that could bring a lot of money to The Dalles

The Dalles City Councilor Rod Runyon

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