Wasco County Commissioners Update 12/04

It will cost you more to get married in Wasco County next year, but not by much. The fee for having the county clerk perform the wedding ceremony will go up on January 1 from $110 to $117.  It’s part of the package of modest fee increases for county services approved at yesterday’s meeting of the Wasco County Commissioners.

Also garbage rates will be going up. The county approved a request from Waste Connections that will cost residents who have a 32 gallon garbage can pickup once a week an additional 10 cents a week.

Other news from the meeting include a job change. Matthew Klebes, who was named last year as Assistant City Manager for The Dalles, has been named a new Administrative Services Director for Wasco County. He originally came to the area as director of the Main Streets program.

And fans of Pine Hollow Reservoir have some great news, as passed on by Wasco County Clerk Lisa Gambee

Wasco County Clerk Lisa Gambee

Boaters did get a chance to use the upgraded facilities before the snow fell. Gambee told commissioners that on the day they planned to close the restrooms at the south ramp for the winter, there were 20 people on the lake fishing, so they decided to keep it open for another month

Photo’s of the Boat Ramps Courtesy of Linda Newton.

North Boat Ramp
South Boat Ramp