Goldendale Fire & Police Reports to City Council

Yesterday we told you about the dominant event at Monday night’s Goldendale City Council meeting, a report on Klickitat County’s new $21 million dollar project involving a new facilities building, that wasn’t the only news to come out of that meeting.

Fire Chief Noah Halm said his department had been busy, taking 14 calls in the past two weeks, including several fires, one medical call and three author accidents.  He also announced the fire department would be holding a fire extinguisher training class at the city fire hall at 9 am on January 5 for people in the community. That was made possible by a grant from Legends Casino, he said.

Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski read a statement about the partial lockdown at local schools in response to a particular Facebook post that seemed to imply violence on the part of a parent, who was frustrated by a situation involving special needs services. Following an extensive interview with its author, he said he believed it was said as a joke, but he had a caution for the public:

Goldendale Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski

Councilor Andy Halm also noted that firefighters were hampered several times in the last few weeks by crowds gathering to close to watch them worked and asked people to give them room to do their jobs.