Goldendale Food Bank Request For Funds

At the October 23 meeting of the Goldendale City Council, Casey Mills, director of the Goldendale Food Bank and Leslie Naramore, executive director of Washington Gorge Action Programs (WAGAP) asked the city to make a donation to the local food bank. Mills said rising demand has brought a need for more funding, saying the previous year they had given 6,000 pounds of produce, but as of the end of October had already given out twice that much. He noted the establishment of a food bank in Goldendale a couple of years ago saved residents from having to drive to Bingen. The food bank, he said, is located at 112 East Main Street and is open on Mondays from 9 am to 3:30.

At the November 13 meeting, Mayor Mike Canon mentioned that he’d received calls about the request for funding and said the calls expressed concern that any city funds go only for food intended for Goldendale residents. Canon said the request would be considered as part of the budget process. And in one of the pages of the budget summary on our website, gorge news center dot com, it shows that the budget committee approved a $5,000 contribution for the food bank.