Another Seattle Children’s hospital patient sickened

(Information from: The Seattle Times,

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle Children’s hospital officials have confirmed that a surgical patient at Seattle Children’s hospital contracted an infection from a fungus found in three operating rooms.

The Seattle Times reports officials announced the patient’s infection Tuesday and said the hospital is monitoring a second patient who might also have been infected.

Tests at Seattle Children’s found the recent Aspergillus mold in three of the 14 operating rooms and two procedural areas at the hospital’s Seattle campus during routine tests Nov. 10.

Closure this week of the contaminated rooms comes about four months after all the hospital’s operating rooms were reopened after problems with Aspergillus.

Testing for Aspergillus in the operating rooms and affiliated areas has been happening at least once a week since the operating rooms reopened.

Three other patients were sickened by the fungus earlier this year, following three patients who were infected in 2018. One of those patients died in the spring.