Weapons taken from man who made posts about ‘Joker’ movie

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say 23-year-old Redmond, Washington, man who police say made alarming social media posts about the movie “Joker” has had several guns – including two assault weapons – removed from his home as part of an “Extreme Protection Order.”

KOMO reports that investigators became aware of the Twitter posts last week, including one dated Sept. 26 showing the man holding two AK-47s. Redmond police say the caption on the photo read: “One ticket for joker please.”

The post comes as U.S. officials had issued warnings about the potential for mass shootings at the movie, which opened last week.

Investigators learned that the man had previous disturbing and threatening social media posts toward women in 2017, according to Redmond police’s petition for being granted an Extreme Protection Order. The man has not been charged with a crime but is expected to have a court hearing on Oct. 15.