Goldendale Chamber Presentation to City Council

Goldendale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dana Peck gave a third quarter report on economic development, as part of the agreement under which the city pays the chamber to handle. He said the big event of the quarter was the visit by Governor and Mrs. Inslee to the county. He related that Trudy Inslee was enthusiastic about the programs offered at KVH and really enthusiastic about the remodeling of the Goldendale Observatory, saying that she plans to bring their grandchildren there when it is finished. And he said the Governor not only visited the new methane gas plant at the Roosevelt Landfill but surveyed the proposed pump storage location at the former Goldendale Aluminum plant site.

Goldendale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dana Peck

City Council member Miland Walling, whose contacts in Olympia were instrumental in bringing the governor to the county, has met again with the governor’s office, along with representatives from National Grid and Rye Development to keep the issue fresh in the governor’s mind.