Division of a Parcel of land has neighbors concerned

Citizen concerns about a recent short plat to divide a parcel of land near High Street and Melinda Lane in Goldendale into four smaller parcels drew opposition from neighbors at Monday night’s city council meeting. Loren Meagher, whose land abuts the new lots offered several arguments against. He started by noting that he fully supports property owner rights and development as long as its done in congruence with community vision, goals and municipal code.

Loren Meagher

Three other neighbors spoke against the development, citing concerns about property values and that they had neither been notified in advance nor had the opportunity to comment on it. Currently, Meagher said, a garage had been built on one of the lots and the foundations for a home were under construction.

City Administrator Larry Bellamy noted that under the city’s ordinances, short plats with four or few lots were handled administratively and did not require notification of neighbors or involve a public comment process. Those were reserved for subdivisions, defined as five or more lots. Neighbors suggested that the city look into changing that ordinance.