Cougar caught in White Salmon

On September 28th the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office was notified of 4 goats had been killed at Columbia High School in White Salmon with a fifth missing.  The Sheriff’s Office responded per the new policy for dangerous wildlife.  Upon arrival to the school, the suspect was determined to be a cougar due to tracks left behind.  It was determined that a hound hunter would be called out and one responded.  Shortly after pursuing the cougar the fifth goat was found.  It had been drug off by the cougar and left in some bushes on the school grounds of Columbia High School.

After several hours of searching the hunt was called off.  A second possible sighting was called in Saturday evening and another hunt was attempted.  Once again without success.  The Sheriff’s Office is working with local neighbors in an attempt to locate the cougar in order to make the students and staff safer at Columbia High School.

On October 4th, 2019 the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a cougar sighting north of Columbia High School in White Salmon.  The cougar appeared to be fearless of the property owner so the hounds were called for a track.  The cougar was located and euthanized due to the recent issues at the high school.