Goldendale Fire Department takes delivery of canned water

The Goldendale City Fire Department recently took delivery of three pallets of canned drinking water. The water was donated through a partnership between Anheuser-Busch, an all-American brewing company, and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), the leading nonprofit membership association representing the interests of the volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue services.

The Budweiser semi-truck arrived on September 18, 2019 making delivery of three pallets or 7,056 cans of water. The delivery is only half of the grant awarded to the fire department.

Anheuser-Busch has a longstanding tradition of providing emergency drinking water and supplies for disaster relief efforts. Every year Anheuser-Busch periodically pauses beer production to can emergency drinking water to be ready to lend a helping hand during natural disasters and other crises. The delivery to Goldendale was made through the local distributor out of Yakima.

Keeping firefighters hydrated during long incidents or disasters such as wildfires is a critical need for fire departments. “The City of Goldendale Fire Department has a long-standing commitment to not only the citizens of Goldendale and it’s Volunteer Firefighters; we have a commitment to the neighboring departments within Klickitat County through mutual aid and availability of resources and facilities during state mobilizations. The assistance provided by this large award will allow us to further our assistance and ensure hydration to all our community firefighters,” said Fire Chief Noah Halm. Further commending the work done by Lt Filiberto Ontiveros to secure this grant. Which added to the number of awards obtained by GFD, under the direction of Chief Halm to build on public education efforts, obtain ems tools, and promote firefighter health/safety and training this year.

To learn more about the emergency drinking water program, visit For additional information on the National Volunteer Fire Council visit

Photo Credit: Lt Filiberto Ontiveros

Taking Delivery (Left to Right) Lt Filiberto Ontiveros, Delivery Driver William Cooper, Lt Julianna Ontiveros, Capt Zack Sullivan.

(Left to Right) Deputy Chief Steven Randall, Lt Filiberto Ontiveros, FF Robert Pederson, FF Zach Plunkett, Lt Julianna Ontiveros, FF Sasha Halm, Capt. Tim Neher, Chief Noah Halm.