The Dalles City Council Update 9/23

Several positive items came out of last night’s meeting of The Dalles City Council. The city honored Dave Neitling for his volunteer work on the Riverfront Trail. Mayor Rich Mays read the proclamation:

The Dalles Mayor Rich Mays

Neitling told the council that he had been inspired by volunteer work done by both his parents.

Speaking of award winners, City Clerk Izetta Grossman was surprised at the last meeting of the Oregon Association of Municipal Reporters when she was given what they call the Ripple Award, given to people whose positive attitudes and actions spread through society with a positive ripple effect.

There was good financial news as well. The city uses SAIF, the State Accident Insurance Fund for its workers’ compensation insurance, and the fund had a good fiscal year, paying the city a dividend of $55,575.

Breanna Wimber of The Stratton Agency, told the council a second dividend tied to the city’s good record of claims totaled and additional $18,000.

Good news on the transportation front as well. Kathy Fitzpatrick said an alliance of five county’s transportation systems has been able to create a bus network that is developing some serious connections.

Kathy Fitzpatrick

She also said it was possible to travel to a number of destinations in Klickitat, Skamania, Wasco, Hood River and Sherman counties by bus. Schedules can be found at gorge translink dot com.