Officials say derelict vessels contaminate water system

(Information from: KING-TV,

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — Abandoned vessels are polluting Washington waterways and costing taxpayers.

KING-TV reports an abandoned, sinking fishing vessel called Midas in Snohomish County has been in the water for four years and officials are pulling it out.

The Department of Natural Resources says boats are being abandoned faster than the resources they have to remove them.

In the Snohomish River near Everett, crews are removing the Midas piece by piece. Around the bend, there’s another half-sunk sailboat on a mudflat.

Every day a vessel sits in the river more contaminants seep into the water system.

On Thursday crews removed wood and metal from the river, as oil from the ship was contained as much as possible.

Since 2002, Washington’s derelict vessels program has removed more than 850 boats from waterways across the state, with taxpayers footing the bill.