Sound Transit beefed up light rail security before shooting

SEATTLE (AP) — Before last weekend’s deadly shooting at a Seattle light rail station leaders at Sound Transit were concerned about maintaining a sense of safety for the 80,000 daily light-rail passengers.

The Seattle Times reports the agency boosted the security budget nearly 37 % this year to $34.4 million, largely because it took over the downtown transit tunnel in March from King County, when the tunnel became rail-only.

Along with more police and security guards, the agency is upgrading the tunnel’s radio network and video surveillance, partly funded by federal homeland-security grants. There are 67 police and 150 Securitas guards covering Sound Transit’s extensive rail, bus and parking facilities.

On Friday night authorities say where a gunman shot three people in their 20s, one fatally, at around 9:20 p.m. at Westlake Station following an argument. Police said Monday evening they’ve made an arrest.