2 puppies euthanized after contact with rabid bats

LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) — Officials say two German shepherd puppies were euthanized after they came into contact with bats that tested positive for rabies in southwestern Washington.

KATU-TV reports Cowlitz County environmental health manager Season Long said Friday a 4-month-old and a 5-month old German shepherd were euthanized because the puppies hadn’t been vaccinated for rabies yet.

Cowlitz County Health and Human Services said Thursday that two bats tested positive for rabies in the county and that some people’s pets were exposed to the disease.

Officials say the bats are the first to test positive for rabies in the county in nearly a decade.

Long says dogs that have been vaccinated for rabies and are exposed to rabid bats would not need to be euthanized.

Officials are investigating whether people were exposed to the bats.