TV anchor gives on-air rebuttal to viewer critique of attire

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A weekend news anchor and TV reporter in Portland, Oregon, is doubling down on her preference for high-waisted pants after a male viewer told her to “dress like a normal woman” in a message sent to her Facebook work account.

Maggie Vespa, who works at Portland’s NBC affiliate KGW-TV, posted photos of herself wearing a different pair of high-waisted pants on five separate news casts over the weekend as a rebuttal.

She also delivered an on-air commentary about the remarks on Sunday’s late-night news.

Vespa said Monday that she received two messages from the viewer before blocking him.

In one, he said she was too pretty to wear pants that “ride half-way up your torso.”

In another, he said she should dress like a normal woman because she looked ridiculous.