Wasco County Commissioners Update 9/04

Wasco County Commissioners dealt with mostly routine business at their regular meeting Wednesday. One unusual item was a visit from The Dalles City Manager Julie Krueger. She was there about the Riverfront Trail, which needs serious repair in several spots and needs a seal coat throughout its length to prevent deterioration. To do all of that work at once, which will preserve the trail for 20 years, will take about $300,000. The city has already committed up to $100,000 and Krueger added some good news.

Julie Krueger

She then asked if the county would match the PUD contribution of $50,000. A portion of that trail from Taylor Lakes to the Discovery Center is outside the city limits and in the county. The trail itself does not belong to any one entity. Instead it’s a patchwork of deeded land and easements assembled over the past 30 years. It passes through private property and lands owned by the city, the county, the Port of The Dalles, and Parks and Recreation. There is a volunteer nonprofit group that assists with trail maintenance but they are able to raise only about $10,000 a year through various fundraisers. Parks and Recreation District Manager Scott Baker explained how his agency helps

Scott Baker

Krueger said the city would also be asking for financial help from the Port of The Dalles.