Cougar Sighted & Killed In Goldendale

The following is the press release from the Goldendale Police Department.


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Goldendale Police Department 509-773-3780
Press Release by; Chief Bartkowski:

Goldendale Police Shoot Cougar

Goldendale, Washington August 22, 2019 – On the morning of August 22, the Goldendale Police responded to a report of a cougar that had just killed deer in the 200 block of Nesbitt Street. The report continued that the cougar was growling and hissing at two citizens just before officers arrived.

The Goldendale Police asked for assistance from the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department and the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office. A limited commissioned Hound Hunter of Dangerous Wildlife was called to assist. The cougar ran into a neighborhood and into a backyard were the cougar was dispatched safely by Goldendale Officers in around the 200 block of Sentinel Street.

It was found that the cougar had been staying under a clump of trees in the 200 block of Nesbitt Street. The cougar had recently killed a fawn and had just killed a female deer. Also located was a raccoon and possum that had been killed by the cougar along with other fur and bones.

After Washington State Fish and Wildlife examined the cougar, it was found to be a female around 10 to 12 months old.

The Goldendale Police have had another cougar sighting at Ekone Park within the last month.

Goldendale Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski is having meetings with Fish and Wildlife to access the deer population in Goldendale which is the main contributor to why we are seeing an increase in cougar sightings. Bartkowski has asked Fish and Wildlife officials to come to a Goldendale City Council meeting to discuss the issue and to consider deer control measures.

Quote: “This was a great job done by all the law enforcement in our area to keep our public safe.” Chief Bartkowski