Goldendale Airport Committee Meeting 8/12

The Airport Committee of the Goldendale City Council met last night at City Hall. The intent was to present a proposal to the full City Council at its meeting next week  on how best to use the $550,000 grant the city has received for improvements at the local airport.

While that was welcome, it was far short of the $1.6 million the city had asked for in order to make all the improvements needed at the airport, which would include lengthening the runway by 1,500 feet to 5,000 feet, which would allow small jets to land.

Consensus of the committee and the dozen pilots who attended was that having fuel available at the airport was a top priority. Which fuel, and how large the tanks should be was the subject of much of the evening. The committe heard two very different cost estimates. Consultant Corley McFarland of Precision Approach Enineering in Corvallis said a full fuel buildout woud cost an estimated $750,000.  

But local businessmen and pilot Ty Ross said he had found a company that would install a card lock system for $305,000. That did not include the costs of a concrete pad for the tanks and pumps to sit on and asphalt paving from the runway to the pumps so that planes could taxi to them.

Ultimately, the committee decided to have Ross and McFarland to look over full documents on the company’s proposal to see if it would work. City Administrator Larry Bellamy summed it up this way:

Goldendale City Administrator Larry Bellamy