Fake $20 Bills Used In Hermiston

The Hermiston Police Department posted the following on their Facebook account:

***Fake $20’s being used throughout our area***

We are asking businesses within our region to take an extra look at the cash people are giving you. There are an unknown number of “Motion Picture” $20 bills (which look like the real thing), that have been uttered at different businesses within this area. As you will see from the photos, the bills (at least the ones we have seized), all share the same serial number (KP 58247039 Y), and are clearly marked with the verbiage on the front “THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL, IT IS TO BE USED FOR MOTION PICTURES”. You will also observe signatures with the titles “Not the Real Secretary” and “This is not a Treasure” underneath. Some of the bills may still have the stamp “REPLICA” in the upper-left and lower-right corners; however, this seems simple to remove and has most likely been erased. The consistency of the paper is also very different, and the printing/colors aren’t as crisp as the real-thing.

Simply taking a closer (quick) look at the money people are handing you, may keep your business from losing out on important profits and becoming a victim of fraud.

Be safe, and have a great day!

-Captain Scott Clark”