City Council kicks off fundraising to repair and preserve Riverfront Trail

Former planning director and founder of the effort to create the Riverfront Trail Dan Durow (left) and Scott Baker, Executive Director of Northern Wasco Parks & Recreation deliver a report on the state of Riverfront Trail to The Dalles City Council Monday, July 22.

There are several problems with the Riverfront Trail, according to Dan Durow and Scott Baker. The earliest portions of the trail are 26 years old and starting to deteriorate. A portion of the trail crossing land formerly owned by Mt. Hood Lumber Company is starting to sink as the buried lumber rots, and there are other problems.

Experts have determined that to repair damaged parts of the trail and to protect the whole trail from further degradation would take approximately $300,000. That’s a large sum by itself, but a good deal to cover the eight miles of trail

The city plans asking for grants and contributions from other partners in the area (some of the trail lies outside city limits) and councilors voted to allow the city manager to negotiate with other partners, with a city contribution not to exceed $100,000.

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