Motorcycle Chase in Klickitat County

On July 13, 2019 while running traffic on Dallesport Road, Sergeant Joe Riggers had a motorcycle come by him at 72 miles per hour in a posted 50 mile per hour zone.  Sergeant Riggers attempted to pull out and initiate a traffic stop on the motorcycle that had two people on it.  After turning on his lights he heard the motorcycle accelerate away from him.  A pursuit ensued through Dallesport on Dallesport Road and then west on Highway 14 through Murdock.  The motorcycle driver was making illegal passes in no passing zones.  

For the safety of everyone it was decided to terminate the pursuit.  The deputies in Lyle were able to see the motorcycle come through at a high rate of speed.  As the motorcycle went through Lyle, Reserve Deputy Tim Hardin was able to photograph the motorcycle and what appeared to be the male driver and female passenger.

Information from The Dalles Police Department gave the names of Cody L.W. Brock, 20 and Jasmine J.L. Sabourin 21 as potential suspects.  The two had just been in some sort of altercation in The Dalles roughly twenty minutes prior to the start of the pursuit and was seen leaving on a motorcycle matching the description.  

On July 14, 2019 Deputy Dwayne Matulovich was checking on some homeless camps south of Trout Lake.  Deputy Matulovich found a tent that appeared that maybe had some sort of medical situation happening.  After hearing some movement in the tent he decided to open the tent to check on it’s occupants.  A male subject said told Deputy Matulovich that he had been sick.  Deputy Matulovich asked the subject his name and he answered Cody Brock.  Brock was detained and also in the tent was Sabourin.  Sabourin was arrested on warrants.

A search warrant on the tent located a 41 caliber pistol.  Brock and Sabourin were booked on   charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm due to both being a felon.  Brock was also booked for Felony Eluding a Police Vehicle and Reckless Endangerment.