Senate leaders sending $3,500 invoices over walkout

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Senate leaders say they are preparing to invoice 11 Republican senators for fines associated with a June walkout, after determining a plan to dock their pay wasn’t legal.

Oregon Public Media reports that the invoices would total $3,500. The total includes $500 per day for seven of the eight days Republicans refused to show up for a floor session.

Senate President Peter Courtney’s spokeswoman Carol McAlice Currie said this week bills will be sent to each senator who missed work and if they refuse to pay they will be sent through debt collection.

Dallas Republican Sen. Brian Boquist already sent a check for $3,500, along with a letter indicating he was paying to allow him to “seek remedy in state and federal court.”

The walkout was a way to delay a vote on a bill to cap carbon emissions. The bill didn’t pass.