Madras High boosts Native American student graduation rates

(Information from: The Bulletin,

MADRAS, Ore. (AP) — Madras High School has seen its graduation rates for Native American students skyrocket.

The Bulletin reports that 45 Native American students graduated from the central Oregon high school on June 1.

That’s 19 more than last year.

The school has 214 Native American students — the most of any other high school in Oregon.

Madras schools added targeted programs, including a tribal dance class and counseling for at-risk students, to boost graduation rates from 39 percent in 2016 to 81 percent in 2018.

Official graduation numbers for this year aren’t calculated yet.

That’s much higher than the statewide graduation rate for Native American students of 65 percent.

Oregon has struggled to boost its overall high school graduation rate, which ranks one of the lowest in the nation.