Tariffs have complicated fallout in trade-heavy Washington

SEATTLE (AP) — President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is having some complicated effects in Washington, one of the nation’s most trade-dependent states.

Washington’s overseas shipments of apples, dairy, seafood, wheat and soy have plummeted. China has hinted it might order fewer Boeing planes, which make up a huge part of the state’s exports. Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s trade adviser says some companies appreciate Trump’s efforts but that most have had to absorb higher costs.

Washington exported more than $70 billion in goods last year, which accounted for 5% of American goods exported overall and 14% of U.S. goods exported to China.

An analysis by earlier this year estimated that the Trump administration’s tariffs, and retaliatory tariffs imposed by countries including China, Mexico and Canada, had already displaced 1,500 jobs in Washington.